About Us

For His Glory

We are a music publisher dedicated to promoting Christian worship music by independent worship songwriters. Our writers are not industry professionals; they are regular folks like many of you with day jobs, children to manage, and  leading worship at their local churches on the weekend.  

How It All Happened

Most of our songs were written to support sermon topics at the local church level. As some of them caught on within local congregations we began submitting them to places like Worship Leader Magazine's SongDISCovery division. Over time, and through many submissions, we have been featured on SongDISCovery a number of times! As these songs were broadcast to churches worldwide we were blessed to find that churches across the US and Canada have embraced our music and continue to use our songs in services today.


Thanks to God who encourages and us and keeps us going! We also want to thank our partners for their support and encouragement along the way. Thanks also to all the worship pastors and leaders who use our music. It's an interesting place to be in... creating songs that bring glory to God. It's both a privilege and honor to be in a position to do this in any degree.